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Projectors - How to Connect to the Projector in the Atrium.


Open the cabinet and take the tablet out. (Please ask the HS’ General Office or the IT department the Combination). Start the system by clicking anywhere on the Start System page, or, if the Crestron app is not active, find it on the last app page and open it. 
atrium-cabinet.jpg start_system.JPG
Press LED WALL, or VIDEO WALL, and ON in the next menu to turn on the LED screens.  When using the provided cables and adapters (recommended) please make sure that STAND is the selected source. You can use the slider at the bottom to adjust the sound volume. 
startmenu.JPG ledwallmenu.JPGledwallmenu.JPG

The LED screens can be used simultaneously if needed. To go back to the previous menu click on Exit and select the other screen. Turn it ON and make sure STAND is the selected source.

Connect the HDMI cable that you can usually find on top of the cabinet to your device and you should be ready to go. 

If your device does not have an HDMI port please use the adapter that you can find in the plastic box inside the cabinet to transform the HDMI cable into an USB-C one (for newer Macs, Windows based laptops, Android phones etc.).





If you need a different type of adapter, please tell the IT department in advance what you need or the exact model of your device and the team will find a solution for you.