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Schedule a Teams meeting

If you are here for a refresher, please click here to jump directly to the Google-Teams calendar schedule options. If this is the first time scheduling a meeting, please continue reading.

Initial checks before scheduling.

In your Google calendar, please ensure the Teams add-on is present in the right panel.
If the panel is hidden, select the chevron at the bottom of the screen to show it.


If you have never used the Teams add-on before, please click on it, log in, and Authorize Access.
Refresh the webpage if needed.

loginto teams.jpg

If you cannot find the Teams addon on the right panel, please follow this how-to to install it.


Schedule a Teams meeting from Google calendar.

You can: Begin with the meeting time; Begin with the participants or View, edit, and join your meetings

Begin with the meeting time:

  1. Select a meeting time directly in your Google calendar.

  2. In the box that opens, enter a meeting title and then select Add conferencing > Teams meeting.

  3. In the Add guests space, enter the people you invite to the meeting.
    You can also add a location and meeting description; change the date and time.

  4. If you want to add more info, such as whether guests can invite other people or when you want to receive meeting notifications, select More options.

  5. When you're done, select Save.

The meeting now appears in your Google calendar.

Begin with the participants:

  1. On the left side of your Google calendar, select Create.


  2. At the bottom of the box that opens, select More options.

  3. Select Add conferencing > Microsoft Teams meeting.


  4. Give your meeting a title, and in the Add guests space, enter the people you're inviting to the meeting.

  5. Under the title, select a day and time for the meeting. Or select Find a Time (under Doesn't repeat) for help coming up with a time.

  6. Enter any other details you want, such as whether guests can invite other people or when you wish to receive meeting notifications.

  7. Select Save.

The meeting now appears in your Google calendar.

View, edit, and join your meetings:

To view today's and tomorrow's Teams meetings - in Google calendar, open the right panel and select the Teams add-on.
If the panel is hidden, select the chevron at the bottom of the screen to show it.


Select Join to join a meeting.

To view or edit meeting details - in the calendar, double-click the meeting.
The details view opens.


Here you can make any changes. Select Save when you finish. Or select Join Teams meeting if it's meeting time.