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Clevershare (Mac) - spinning wheel - fix

If, after you press Start Mirroring, you encounter the spinning wheel of death and the app never starts sharing the screen, please follow the underneath steps to fix the problem:

Right-click (click with 2 fingers, or press and hold Control while clicking) the Clevershare icon in your Dock and select Quit from the contextual menu that appears. 


Open the System Preferences menu from the Apple symbol in the upper-left corner. In the window that pops up select the Security & Privacy menu. Click on the Privacy tab and find the Screen Recording option on the side. Either check, or remove and check back, the tick next to Clevershare. 


Reopen the Clevershare app and reconnect - now everything should be back to normal.


Please note that the app does not record your screen, it needs the function to clone and send the image to the Interactive Display.

open_security&privacy.JPG screen.JPG