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See the ISB telephone list

To search for and call any of the users/extensions.

Open login and click on the Phonebook icon.

You can search by family name, title, or extension number or select the phone from the list for more details. You can also call any of our extensions directly from this menu. If Web is selected next to the green call button/bubble, your call will be made using the browser - from your computer. If you change it to WorkForce, your phone will dial the selected number. phonebook_b.JPG

The Mobile and Wildix functions, if visible, do not work, but if you install the Wildix Collaboration app on your mobile and sign in, you can call any of the ISB extensions from the app. You can also check your missed calls, voicemails, and the ISB telephone list.

Wildix Collaboration Mobile - for Android

Wildix Collaboration Mobile - for Apple

Open the app, add under Domain, and use Google or Office to sign in using your school credentials.