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Take Your Google Data With You - for Teachers and Staff

Google Data

After you leave, your ISB account will be deactivated. Your content will be deleted. We cannot help you recover your data once you have departed from ISB.

Before you begin, please become familiar with these guidelines on removing sensitive information. 

There are two ways to export your data; please read the Option's intro and choose what works for you.

If you would like to 'move' your data from your ISB Google Drive to a personal Google Drive, the process outlined below is recommended. But first...  please make sure that you have enough space on your personal drive. Your personal drive is limited to 15GB by default.

In your ISB Google Drive:

  1. Create a folder where you will place all the files you would like to keep.create-folder.JPG
  2. Move the files and folders that you want to keep into the new folder.Share the folder you created with your personal account.move-to-folder_b.JPG
  3. Share the folder you created with your personal account.share-with-personal.JPG
  4. Transfer the ownership of your newly shared folder to your personal account (right-click the newly created folder and select Share one more time, expand the Editor submenu, and select Transfer ownership.)
Option 2 - Download your Data:

You can choose to download an archive of your files as well. This process is easier than the copy method, but Google Apps documents (docs, sheets, slides…) will be converted to Microsoft-compatible files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint…).

  1. In your ISB Google Drive, right-click on a file or folder that you would like to download.
  2. Select “Download” from the list of options.
  3. Save the downloaded archive to an external hard drive or a personal cloud storage service (a personal Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).