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Wildix Chrome Extension and Portal Login

To access, set up, and manage the extra capabilities of our phone system, please start by installing the Wildix Collaboration Chrome Extension and log in.

(While logged in, you can answer all your extension calls from your PC.)


Next, click on the puzzle piece in the upper-right Chrome corner, pin, and select the Wildix extension. In the new pop-up window, under Domain, please insert and Save.


Chrome will automatically open Please log in using the Google or Microsoft buttons.


You are now ready to go. While logged in, you can answer your extension calls from your computer - a pop-up will appear on the screen.

If your microphone or sound does not work correctly, you can test and change the options by going into Settings and the Web Phone menu that can be found in the left panel. 


If you close the portal, you can reopen it by clicking on the Wildix extension or by following this link.

From the portal, you can: